People found a new appreciation for home cleanliness following months of isolation at home during an unpredictable 2020.

With a new year upon us, there are emerging trends in bathroom design that pay homage to our heightened awareness of keeping things tidy and clean.

If you’re entering the real estate market this year, here are five practical and eye-catching bathroom design trends you’ll want featured inside your future home.

Floating vanities

More than a design conversation piece, a floating vanity is also a space-saving solution that can be customized with sinks, faucets and various hardware options.

The great thing about wall-mounted vanities is they can be configured in a number of ways for just the right amount of counter and storage space without creating a bulky design.

Space-saving tubs

Soaking tubs with flat bottoms are a heavily requested feature of soon-to-be homeowners.

This desire is due to the fact that homeowners need a space for relaxation and rest after a hectic day.

While a tub and shower is still the most popular bathroom layout, tubs that are space saving are climbing the list of must-haves.

Smart toilets

No longer a futuristic luxury, smart toilets are making their way into today’s bathroom.

The hands-free components and features like automatic lids and touch-free flushing provide a sense of security by reducing the need to touch germy surfaces.

Families are also drawn to the toilet’s self-cleaning technology and simplicity of design, which make these smart toilets easier to clean.

Ceramic and heated flooring

Ceramic and porcelain are among the top materials for bathroom design among new homebuyers. They are beloved because they are durable, resistant to moisture and bacteria and are easy to clean.

They can also mimic natural hardwood finishes, which add to their design versatility. Others are equipped with heating capabilities, perfect for a cold winter day.

Back-lit medicine cabinets

Many homeowner opt for back-lit mirrors and medicine cabinets inside their bathrooms.

The position of the lighting gives the appearance of ambient lighting without causing glare.

The lighting is both decorative and functional, as they can dim or match any given part of the day.

If you are planning to purchase a newly built home in 2021, keep these design trends in mind!

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