For those who love to visit Lake Tahoe, you are probably aware of beautiful Speedboat Beach.

This beach, which has large boulder formations across it, is often a spot where visitors enjoy kayaking.

Placer County is taking steps to make some key improvements to the popular beach. Over the summer, improvements including a permanent restroom, a new wooden staircase that provides access from Harbor Ave., a new overlook of the beach, walkway upgrades and new signs will be added.

This is thanks to Placer County approving $560,000 for the improvements, all of which are expected to be completed by October.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most scenic destinations in the world as people travel from all around to see it. Placer County residents are lucky that it is within driving distance and it is nice to see improvements like this happening, which will only enhance the experience.

Lake Tahoe is one of the many outdoor attractions Placer County has to offer, and yet another reason why we Heart Placer!

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