This year’s kitchen trends will have long-lasting appeal. After a very long year, consumers are eager for something uplifting, like warm colors and welcoming kitchen layouts.

If you’re preparing to enter the market for a newly constructed home, check out the following five kitchen design trends with staying power.

Motion-control faucets

Looking for a quick and useful kitchen upgrade? Then look no further than touchless faucets.

Our new awareness about hygiene practices makes this upgrade a must-have for 2021, but they also speak to a growing demand for technology inside the home.

Motion-control faucets and touch taps are more popular than traditional lever faucet. Voice-controlled faucets are also gaining traction.

Bigger storage

As we spend more time at home, the need for increased storage is apparent.

New homebuyers have the same mindset and seek out homes with more space to store kitchen gadgets and other equipment they use more frequently.

Standalone freezers, refrigerator-freezer drawers and dedicated pantries are emerging kitchen trends, as well.

Large kitchen islands

Speaking of counter space, large kitchen islands are becoming a staple in the modern kitchen.

Kitchen islands function as a place to cook and a place to gather because of the additional seating.

The functionality of an island also includes storage and a general purpose work surface, which is ideal for remote work and schooling.

Comfort colors

Warm beige and shades of orange and aqua made it to the list of colors of 2021. The colors evoke feelings of compassion and comfort, which people are drawn to given the ongoing pandemic concerns.

The colors also represent familiarity and normalcy and will brighten up more kitchen spaces in 2021 and beyond.

Organic aesthetic

An aesthetic of natural and organic styling features is the go-to kitchen look for 2021.

This look takes clean lines and contemporary designs to another level through the use of warm colors and textures of natural materials.

The lighter colors open up the room and the natural materials create a sense of environmental consciousness and embrace the use of alternative and safer building materials inside the home.

If you are planning to purchase a newly built home in 2021, keep these design trends in mind!

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